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Colo River Subcatchment

The Colo River subcatchment extends from the junction of the Capertee and Wolgan Rivers in the North to the Colo River confluence with the Hawkesbury River at Lower Portland.

80% of this subcatchment is in Wollemi National Park, part of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.

This subcatchment is characterised by deep sandstone gorges and the majority of the river reaches are in near intact condition due to the lack of disturbance.

Three major subcatchments (The Capertee, Wolgan and Wollemi River subcatchments) flow into the Colo River subcatchment and these support agriculture, which is causing downstream impact in the World Heritage Area, mainly through the delivery of sediments and decreased water quality.

The Colo River is a catchment with wild and scenic values. This unique sandstone gorge is believed to be the second longest sandstone gorge on earth and its scenic beauty is world-renowned.

The lower reach of the Colo River is very popular for swimming as it is one of the cleanest water sites within an hour from north western Sydney. This subcatchment is extremely important to the health of the Hawkesbury River as it supplies a significant volume of clean water to the river. There is considerable community environmental activity through the Friends of Colo group.


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