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Little River subcatchment

The headwaters of Little River and its tributaries arise near Hilltop in the Bargo State Conservation Area from where it flows through a sandstone gorge to its confluence with the Nattai River just upstream of Lake Burragorang.

A major tributary, Blue Gum Creek, flows from the Thirlmere Lakes which are wetlands of national significance listed on the Directory of Important Wetlands in Australia.  These lakes can be visited in the Thirlmere Lakes National Park although activities are restricted to passive uses. 

Part of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, this park's five reed-fringed freshwater lakes, abundant with waterbirds and surrounded by quiet patches of forest, are among the last undisturbed lake systems near Sydney and have enormous scientific value.

The whole of the subcatchment is part of the Warragamba Special Area, an area set aside for protection of Sydney's main drinking water storage.  Management of the area is shared by the Sydney Catchment Authority and the New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service. 

For further information about the Special Areas, see the lake Burragorang sub catchment or contact Sydney Catchment Authority.

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