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HNCMA funding priorities in the Lithgow LGA

The Hawkesbury-Nepean Catchment Management Authority (HNCMA) has identified two high-priority areas in the Lithgow local government area for targeted investment over the next 12 months: the Capertee Valley and mid-Coxs River subcatchment.

These areas have been selected based on protecting nationally significant bushland areas on private property and both the Coxs and Capertee Rivers are significant headwaters for the whole Hawkesbury-Nepean catchment.

See maps on this page for more detail about the areas involved.

Funding for protecting bushland 

Both the mid-Coxs and the Capertee Valley have large areas of bushland on private property known as Box Gum Woodland (including White Box, Yellow Box, and Blakely's Red Gum) which is critically endangered at a national level.

Eligible landholders in these areas will be offered funding to fence remnant (original) native vegetation, plant local native trees and shrubs to connect or enhance remnant vegetation, and control weeds in remnant vegetation.

The funding does not require landholders to "lock up" bushland on their property, but supports fencing and use of strategic grazing practices.

Other funding available to landholders in these areas

  • For groups of at least 10 landholders funds are available to carry out environmental works on their properties to ensure ongoing protection of the local biodiversity such as bushland and grassland areas.
  • For landholders who have completed Landscan or Prograze courses, funding will be available to assist with implementing their property plans
  • Properties directly adjacent to World Heritage Areas may also be eligible for funds to address direct threats to the park such as weeds and pest animals
Contact the Lithgow HNCMA team on (02) 6350 3110 for more information OR register online here for funding by clicking on the "Register for funding" button on this page.

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